The Winning Trajectory

A new petanque book that covers technique and tactics has been published by French player Gilles Souef. It has been translated into english and is now available to buy via Gilles Souef’s website.

Ray Ager talks on the positive petanque website about his project to translate this french book on pétanque which looks at the technical, tactical and mental aspects of the sport. See:


From the Author

About the book:
While I hope this book will appeal to beginners, it’s really aimed at players wishing to develop their game. This book countains the fruits of several years thinking about technique, tactics and psychology. I treat these subjects seriously and in depth but with a certain (in French) humour. I hope you will find the book both instructive and enjoyable. I’ve given you all my winning secrets – I hope you will make good use of them!

The author
I started playing pétanque towards the end of the 1980s. Straight away I caught the virus and I played seriously for five years. During that time, I reached the Départmental final four times.
After stopping for thirteen years, I again took up my favourite sport in 2010. One year later, I launched my website and not long after, my first book (in French). In 2014 & 2015, having applied my own training methods, I won three Départmental titles and finally partipated in the French Championships.
This second volume is the final result of all my work and thoughts. Above all, it’s the passion and the pleasure of sharing that motivates me.

To purchase the book, visit Gilles Souef’s website:


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