Ladies Day – 13th August 2016

Pre-event Posters were distributed to all the clubs in the Mercia Region and immediately generated excitement and anticipation. The theme of “BLING BLING” was well received by many of the ladies. The event was also opened up to any novice ladies who just wanted to have a go and not feel they would be letting their team down.

lady4Questions were asked prior to the event as to what format should be taken in order to please the majority of ladies participating. It was unanimously agreed that a FUN day rather than “a long day of boules” was most appropriate.

With FUN in mind 33 ladies had entered although only 31 ladies participated on the day (sadly 2 ladies unable to play due to personal reasons – hope to see them next year!)

The weather was kind with no rain. Wind yes – but then we are English!!

Most ladies wore BLING of some sort or another and it was a pleasure to see the effort made by the ladies. We even had one gentleman wearing his bit of BLING – just for a laugh!

It was agreed by the sub-committee from Chesterfield that the men would run the event and for a change the ladies would do as they are told. Now there was a challenge!!!

The men also chose the Best BLING lady of the day by having one vote each and the overall winner was Carla from the Chesterfield Club. But ALL the ladies must be congratulated for the effort they put into their attire. They were all brilliant.

We started the day at 10.30pm. Note the later starting time, so that the ladies had plenty of time to do their make-up & arrive relaxed & ready for some fun.

  • 1st discipline was a three end competition where points could be gathered for wins and draws, then logged against the day’s events.

This was a ‘scratch team’ effort so as to ensure that all the ladies were mixed, with time to chat and enjoy getting to know their new team mates – especially from other clubs.

  • 2nd discipline was a condensed shooting competition.
  • 3rd discipline was a condensed pointing competition.

A relaxed lunch break followed at which the ladies enjoyed their healthy, picnic   lunches. Tea, coffee and delicious, homemade cupcakes were on sale and again served by the men. Delicious complimentary Buck’s Fizz was available for the ladies – thanks to a  donation from Nottingham City Pétanque Club.

  • 4th discipline was The Mouse Hole Game where again points could be won and logged.
  • 5th discipline Slide game and again even more points to be won.
  • 6th discipline was our unique bouncing EGG game which created even more FUN and if you were incredibly lucky, more points.

lady2EGG Game 2 was then made available primarily for the men to be able to participate with a top prize of a bottle of Brandy. But the men were outclassed and Margaret won!!!!

A points board was on display through-out the day for all to see their tally of points. A fantastic array of Raffle Prizes was on display, as were the Chesterfield Clubs’ trophies for all to see.

Prize time (after all the days points had been calculated)

Zena from NCPC was our overall winner with Sue from the new Eastwood Park Club the runner-up. Not only was BLING the theme but BLING were the prizes. Plus delightful, celebratory bottles of Cava.

Wash Up

We believe a GREAT DAY was enjoyed by all the ladies and again all agreed it was a really FUN day. A few of the ladies said they would have liked to see a little more Pétanque, which we take on board and will incorporate next year. However, most ladies preferred less boules, more fun and certainly did not want the day to go on to silly o’clock – and shattered!

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