Tri-Way Challenge – August 14th 2016

After many weeks of planning this triples competition, and all the aspects necessary to carry off such a large event, the day finally arrived.

Heart of England and Northern  Petanque regions arrived at Mansfield PC’s home in Titchfield Park  very early after long drives to the venue. At a previous meeting between the Heart of England and Northern region, the two regions discussed and agreed that it would be more acceptable to share the distances involved and hold future competitions near halfway between their two regions, Mercia Region’s Mansfield Club seemed to be ideally placed and the Mercia region was accepted as a third challenger. This would be Mercia’s first major team event since its inception and Mansfield PC had previous success at organising important competitions, notably the Home Nations in 2014.

Mansfield Club members and volunteer helpers from other Mercia clubs were involved in the preparation and duties of producing this day to remember and many thanks to you all who helped during the day.

The day started very early for the volunteers as three gazebos had to be erected, pistes to be prepared and breakfasts to be ready in time to welcome Mercia’s guests.

Registration over, play began around 9.30 with the first of six rounds amid the colourful scenery of the park.  After three rounds the welcome lunch break arrived, a cold buffet provided and serviced by Mansfield PC and their brilliant volunteer force.

tri-way1Very soon, it was back to business for the teams, who continued to play until evening time when the results were counted and verified, giving very quick updates and a final result. Mercia Region came third with a very respectable 22 wins in their “virgin” tournament. Both Northern and Heart of England Regions tied on 25 wins each with the Challenge Trophy being awarded on points difference to Heart of England, our congratulations to them.

Best individual team award went to Mercia, so honours were well shared out.

tri-way2Mercia’s visitors then began their long treks homewards and Mansfield PC’s willing band of helpers continued to work tirelessly until all the club’s equipment had been put away.

The final verdict on a fabulous day’s competition was that everyone had enjoyed the experience, which had been played in a wonderful friendly atmosphere and all in all a very successful occasion and another large step forward for the Mercia region.

Many thanks to everyone who came and helped to make this day a resounding success.

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