Squad Training Day with Brian Stote – 29th October

The squad training day was designed for those players who had played for the Mercia Region at Hayling Island back in September AND to include any other players from the region who aspire to get into the squad next year, 2017.  Initially 32 players put their names down and so the list was split into two equal two-hour sessions (a.m. & p.m.). On the day, illness interfered and only 26 attended

Brian Stote set up several technical challenges and closely observed the players as they tackled these.  Even for experienced players, several of the challenges were “very challenging”!  On closely observing the players, Brian Stote gave individual advice to each on how they could improve and everyone left knowing what they had to work on over the coming Winter months.
    At the end of the day, Brian Forbes compared diaries with Brian Stote, and after “some toing and froing” the follow-up date in the Spring was set for Sunday April 2nd 2017, when the emphasise will be on “Game strategy”, “How to legally put the opposition off their game”, and “Piste presence”.   i.e. Things you need to know to win matches.  It is hoped that all squad players will attend on that date.
      (Please see below: Brian’s comments following his coaching visit)

      Firstly, can I thank you for your great hospitality yesterday, especially the lunch cooked by Zena and the coffee stream constantly offered?

      Secondly, I would like to say what an enthusiastic and friendly bunch of players you gave me to work with during the day. They offered, spontaneously, to help me with the carriage of coaching equipment at both ends of the day and most of them came to shake my hand at the end of each session and to express their thanks. Even those who found some of the tasks more than challenging, stuck at them and tried their best to achieve a measure of improvement.

      Thirdly, I will go through the notes in the next day or so and send them to you for distribution asap.

      Our thanks to Brian Stote.

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