PE Umpiring Qualifications

Umpiring Course and Examination

All qualified umpires are required to attend at least one course in two years to refresh or upgrade their qualifications.

New candidates should apply through the Mercia Regional Umpire (John Proctor), existing umpires wishing to take a refresher should apply direct to the Chair of the Umpiring Commission but as a courtesy should inform their Regional Umpire.

You can download an Application form or contact the Chair, Umpires Commission.

Umpire Code of Contact

Umpires Should:

  • Prepare for each event, co-ordinating with the event organiser if necessary.

  • Promote a neutral approach to all players, teams and spectators.

  • Be firm, fair and friendly to all players and spectators.

  • Present a professional image at all times, correctly dressed in umpire’s uniform.

  • Do not smoke or drink when umpiring.

  • Be on the watch for strict application of the rules of play and the administration rules which complete them.

  • Do not allow inappropriate language, behaviour or unsporting techniques.

  • Concentrate on the games they are in charge of.

  • Stay aware of the overall state of the competition and endeavour to ensure it progresses smoothly and without delay.

  • Anticipate and resolve likely problems wherever possible.

  • Have regard for the best interests of the game, including where publicly expressing an opinion of any aspect of the game or anyone involved it.

  • Always have regard for the health and safety of all participants and spectators.

  • Never criticise another umpire’s decision, either at the time or retrospectively.

  • Maintain a record of the event and any rulings, submit a report to the Chair of the Umpires Commission within 48 hours (if required).

  • Share unusual scenarios and individual decisions with other umpires.


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