Green Award

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The Green Award

The emphasis of this award is placed upon participation. Participants will need to complete all the listed activities in order to pass.  The tasks that are to be undertaken in this award are of an advanced standard to that of the White award. There is no specific standard to be achieved in order to pass. A pass will be awarded to any individual that can prove to the examiner that they can complete the tasks set out competently and in a consistent manner.

On completing the Green award you will have demonstrated that you have learnt the basic throwing technique and you know the basic rules that are needed to be able to play a game of pétanque.

Activities to be completed

1. Demonstrate how to point a boule from a squatting position towards a jack placed at 6m, stopping within 75cm of the jack.

2. Demonstrate how to hit a boule without landing more than 50cm in front of the target boule that is placed at the minimum starting distance for your age.

3. Demonstrate to the examiner that you can throw a jack to within a circle of 1m in diameter whilst the examiner varies the distance to which the jack is thrown at least 3 times.

4. Demonstrate how to point a boule to within a circle of 70cm in diameter whilst the examiner is responsible for ensuring that the distance at which a boule is pointed to is varied at least 3 times.

5. Demonstrate how you measure the distance between a boule and a jack correctly.

6. Play as a double a complete game of pétanque demonstrating an understanding of the basic Official Rules of Pétanque.


1. What is meant by the following terms:
(a) A pointer.
(b) A shooter.
(c) A milieu.

2. How do you score points in a game of pétanque?

3. What happens if the jack becomes dead?

4. Why is it important to mark the positions of the boule and the jack after each boule has been thrown?


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