National & Regional Events

Petanque England (PE) members may enter all regional competitions. (Please note: Some events have qualifying rounds that lead to regional representation at national events)

Mercia hosts two leagues that are unique to the Mercia region, the Sherwood Shield and the Winter league, please see the individual links below for more details on these leagues.

Regional Qualifiers

The aim of the Regional Qualifiers is to decide who will represent the region at the PE Inter-Regional Championships that are held each year in September. The qualifiers take place this year between April and June, the format used will depend on the number of entrants, but the preferred and fairest format for games, is the Round Robin format.

The top eight teams will go to the Championships, the next four below them will be entered in the Challenge competition.

  • Qualifier 1 – 31st March 2019 – Arena PC
  • Qualifier 2 – 19th May 2019 – Ravenshead PC
  • Qualifier 3 – 9th June 2019 – Nottingham City PC
  • EPA Inter-Regional Championships – 14th & 15th September – Hayling Island      (Download PE Rules 2016)

Regional Triples, Doubles, Shooting & Over 50’s

  • Regional Shooting – 23rd June 2019 – Chesterfield PC
  • Regional a Singles – 23rd June 2019 – Chesterfield PC
  • Regional Over 50’s – 30th June 2019 – Bourne Abbots PC
  • Regional Doubles – 20th July 2019 – Rainworth PC
  • Regional Triples – 21st July 2019 – Carr Bank PC
  • EPA Champion of Champions Shooting Final – 14th September 2019 – Hayling Island
  • EPA Champion of Champions Over 50’s Final – 22nd September 2019 – Venue TBC
  • EPA Champions of Champions Doubles Final – 5th October 2019 – Venue TBC
  • EPA Champion of Champions Triples Final – 6th October 2019 – venue TBC

 EPA Over 50’s Competition

  • EPA Over 50’s Doubles Championship – 21st September 2019 – Venue TBC

Petanque England 2018 Competition Rules (May 18) Download

Home Nations 2014
Home Nations Championships 2014

Represent England at the Home Nations Championships

The top eight teams at the Home Nations Qualifier go on to face Scotland, Wales and Jersey at the Championships.

  • Home Nations Qualifier (Triples) – TBC
  • Home Nations Championships –  10th & 11th August 2019 – Venue: TBC

Please ensure you wear matching kit and take your licences if you are intending to participate in national events and qualifiers. It is also important that you register on time.

Men & Women’s Playing Programme 2019

The competitions that will form part of the national rankings will be:

Singles (Rankings) – 

Precision Shooting (Rankings) – 

National Singles – 

National Doubles – 

Doubles (Rankings) –

Triples (Rankings) –

Triples (Rankings) – 

The National Mixed Doubles has been removed as a ranking competition in 2018, but the results will be considered to aid the final selection for the World Mixed Doubles Championship in 2019 if this takes place as expected (venue unknown). In the case of the two Triples (Rankings) competitions, teams can only play as a three. This has been introduced to eliminate the possibility of a player gaining ranking points in a team of four while not actually playing in the competition or only in a limited fashion. As with the 2017 Rankings, Juniors will be allowed to compete in all these competitions.

The format for the competitions will depend on the entries received, but the default approach will be to combine poules and knockout, with seeding for the poules used based on previous results in relevant national competitions. Seedings in the knockout stage will be based on the results of the poules. This year we will be using timed games in the poules as this is consistent with what our teams experience at international tournaments. In doubles and triples, it will be 1 hour plus two ends. We do not propose to use timed games in singles. If the scores are equal at the end of the extra ends, there will be a further scoring end (i.e. not a dead end) to determine a winner. The top 4 in the Precision Shooting in both the Men’s and Women’s formats will gain automatic entry into the Precision Shooting competition at Hayling.



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