Sherwood Shield – Round 1

The first round of the Sherwood Shield combined with ‘The Great Get Together’ took place in Titchfield Park, Mansfield on Sunday June 18th. The Sherwood Shield competition is held every year between Mercia’s clubs  and uses a round robin format to establish the winning club.  Players from Fernwood, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Burton Joyce, Worksop and Mansfield gathered together for a day of fun & friendly competition on one of the year’s hottest days.  The event coincided with the anniversary of MP Jo Cox’s death and as the Sherwood Shield competition was originally devised to offer the hand of friendship to our neighbouring clubs, we felt that our event epitomised the sense of community spirit that Jo Cox always tried to promote.  The ‘Great Get Together’ theme was gingham and all 45 players, helpers and spectators arrived clad in checks, stripes and spots together with pink gingham roses, ribbons and bows.  Matches were keenly contested with Chesterfield coming out on top in round one.

Results Round 1

Position Club Wins Points +/-
1 Chesterfield   PC 7 +51
2 Mansfield PC 6 +20
3 Arena PC 6 +17
4 Nottingham City PC 5 +15
5 Fernwood PC 2 -36
6 Burton Joyce U3A 1 -67





EPA Events 2017

The EPA playing calendar for 2017

19th March 2017 – National Espoirs Squad Day – Brentwood
25th March 2017 – National Youth Squad Coaching Day – Oxshott/Burwell/Mansfield
26th March 2017 – EPA Cup Final – Luton
26th March 2017 – EuroCup Final – Rayne Swan
22nd April 2017 – National Youth Squad Selection Day – Langford
7th May 2017 – Home Nations Qualifier – Nottingham
13th & 14th May 2017 – National Youth Squad Francois Grange (FFPJP) Coaching weekend – venue tbc
14th May 2017 – Men’s and Women’s Singles & Precision Shooting Rankings – Gravesend
27th – 29th May 2017 – National Titles weekend – Exeter
18th June 2017 – Veterans (+55) International Qualifier – Oxshott
2nd July 2017 – Men’s and Women’s Doubles Rankings – Worthing
23rd July 2017 – Men’s and Women’s Triples 1 Rankings – Arlesey
29th July 2017 – Festival of Petanque Doubles – Hanbury
30th July 2017 – Men’s and Women’s Triples 2 Rankings – Hanbury
23rd & 24th September 2017 – 50+ Doubles/50+ Champion of Champions – Hanbury
7th & 8th October 2017 – Champion of Champions Doubles/Triples – Oxshott

If this sport is to prosper from the large number of players that live and play in the Midland and Northern regions, and who would like the opportunity to participate in more EPA events that are within a reasonable driving distance, then more needs to be done to distribute these EPA events evenly across the country.