The Coaching structure or Qualification Grade level for the EPA has been updated and is as follows:

Coaching Qualifications

    • Grade 3                         Club and Club Advanced
    • Grade 2                         County
    • Grade 1                         National

The term “Regional Coach” no longer refers to a qualification but remains the title of the coach/person appointed or elected to this Regional Office.

Coaching Licence:

The EPA Coaching Licence will show the Coach’s membership details and their photo, along with a statement confirming that they have been CRB checked.  This can then be used as a coaching ID card when working with schools or vulnerable adults. A licence issued after DBS checking has been completed will be valid for three years.

At the end of the 3 years evidence that coaches are still active will be required to maintain your coaching status.  To aid this process, completed Coaching Report Forms, lodged with the Chairman, Coaching Commission, will be considered a major source of that evidence.

DBS Checking:

It is the policy and requirement of EPA Insurers that all coaches and persons dealing with junior and vulnerable members are screened by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

The cost of the DBS checks is currently £25 and is payable by the individual after we have processed their application.

The EPA strongly advise their members to follow the Association’s guidance on best practice in safeguarding vulnerable and junior members.

For further details regarding coaching please contact the EPA Coaching Commission

Coaching Application Form

To download an application form for the CLUB coaching course and exam, please follow the link below:

Coaching Code of Conduct



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