Winners Gallery

Mercia Petanque Association’s 2019 Winners

A token of Mercia’s appreciation to June and Mike Ricketts for all the hard work they continue to do for the association. Thank you.
Mercia Memorial Trophy Champion 2019, John Butchart
Mercia Inter-Regional Highest Scoring Team 2019, Mike Ricketts, June Ricketts, Mick Bachner, Jenny Robb
Mercia Monday Night Triples League Champions 2019, The Shadows (Collected by Bryan Hodges)
Mercia Monday Night Triples League Runners-up 2019, Nottingham Arrows (Collected by Keir Gale)
Sherwood Shield Champions 2019, Arena Petanque Club
Sherwood Shield Runners-up 2019, Mansfield PC (Collected by David Mellors)
Winter League Champions 2019-20, Rainworth Petanque Club
Mercia CofC Over 50’s Champions, Peter Knight, Brian Forbes (Collected by Ghislaine Chalmers)
Mercia CofC Over 50’s Runners-up 2019, Mike Ricketts, Peter Seyfang
Mercia CofC Triples Champions 2019, David Mellors, Nick North, Peter Seyfang
Mercia CofC Triples Runners-up 2019, Sally Elson, Alison Baker, Colin Baker
Mercia Shooting Champion 2019, Brian Eldridge (Rec’d by Tim Jervis)
Mercia Singles Champion 2019, Tim Jervis
Mercia IWD Doubles Qualifier Champions 2019, Sally Elson, Alison Baker


Mercia IWD Doubles Qualifier Champions, Sally Elson, Alison Baker
Mercia IWD Day Doubles Runners-up 2019, Madhu Mistry & Sandra Butchart

Mercia Petanque Association’s 2018 Winners

Mercia Triples Champions 2018, Richard Derham, Simon Sutton, Carl Shephardson
Sherwood Shield Champions 2018, Mansfield PC
Titchfield Thunderbolts – 2018 Triples League Champions
Nottingham Arrows – 2018 Triples League Runners-U
Mercia Triples Championship Runners-up, Carla & Tim Jervis, Carole Sheppard, Ian Kingman
Mercia Doubles Champions 2018, Carla Jervis, Tim Jervis
Mercia Over 50’s Champions 2018, Jenny Robb, Michael Bachner
Mercia Over 50’s Runners up 2018, Di Harrington, Di Smith
Mercia Shooting Champion 2018, Peter Seyfang
Mercia Singles Champion 2018, Mike Ricketts

2017 Winners

Mercia Singles and Shooting Champion 2017, Rey Guillaud
Mercia Closed Triples Champions 2017, Tim & Carla Jervis, Carole Sheppard, Ian Kingman
Mercia Closed Doubles Champions 2017, Maureen Mountain & Gary Davis
Mercia Closed Over 50’s Doubles Champions 2017, Zena Forbes & Ghislaine Chalmers